JFK Parking, No deal says AARP members.

Attention AARP Members! SmartPark JFK offers lower rate than Avistar JFK Parking and AirPark Parking. Beware of so-called 10% discount off the HIGHER rate. In other words forget the discount percentage off of the higher rate. Our standard rate is lower. See for yourself.

You Save on JFK Airport Parking ONLY when you park at JFK with SmartPark JFK. You will save instantly on all off-airport parking reservations when you park book your reservation at http://www.smartparkjfk.com and park at SmartPark JFK. 10% off of, lets say, $18.95 is NOT cheaper than our STANDARD rate of $13.95. Beware of pricing schemes. Too wordy and confusing for a reason. To make you just think its a good deal.

JFK Long term parking at SmartPark JFK – AARP coupons are not necessary. You get the lowest JFK Airport Parking rate by default.

Simply place your FREE online reservation with us and our normal daily rate will be less than the so-called “discounted rates” for AARP members from other parking facilities.

Book online at SmartParkJFK.com, no need for coupon or any other discount incentive during the reservation process. Our rate usually comes out to less than the competitions AARP discount for JFK parking. With SmartPark JFK you are sure to enjoy fast, friendly and hassle-free 5 star SmartPark JFK customer service.

Your airport parking reservation includes:

* A FREE guaranteed JFK parking space. This ensures that you won’t have to search for a spot on your travel day.
* Complimentary luggage assistance. We do all the work! Whether you are heading out for vacation or on business, no need to add chores to your travel day.
* 24-hour surveillance. Our lots are secure, fenced in and have video surveillance with ample lighting.
* Rapid shuttle transportation to the airport. When you arrive back to New York, call us and we’ll pick you up with one of our New SmartPark JFK Shuttle.
* Accessibility and convenience. If you require assistance getting from the parking facility to the terminal, please feel free to call. We will assist you in every way possible.
* A chance to accumulate free days for future parking. Ask about our Frequent Parker Program.

How to Book To make a reservation, please visit http://www.smartparkjfk.com/aaa or
call 1 877-535-7275. Mention that you are a member of AARPand we will be sure to expedite your travel experience in a quick and timely manner.

Terms and Conditions

This is pretty simple. Smart is simple. No confusing text or wording. At SmartPark JFK, AARP Members will usually pay less by using and parking at SmartPark JFK than at other JFK Airport Parking facilities. Try us and see.

Coupon conditions for AARP Member: None, no coupon, just low daily rate. We have lower rates without a coupon.

Save on your JFK airport parking reservation. Rate and space are guaranteed once the reservation has been placed. No Coupon or coupon code for AARP membership number is necessary. There is no “must be used during the reservation process”. Its a seemless process. AARP members show up and pay the lowest rate then they leave.

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