Mergers and Acquisitions – SmartPark JFK Buys Domain Name

August 2, 2012

The domain allows SmartPark JFK to market its very own “Confirm To Earn” Frequent Parker Loyalty Program even more effectively than before.

If you’re trying to achieve cheap travel, you must be mindful of many factors. In each travel planning situation, there are tips and precautions you should consider. Tip #1 is find a safe and secure parking facility that is looking out for you. Not just taking your money. SmartPark JFK is that company.

The Press Release for the SmartPark JFK Acquisition of domain name was listed on the newsfeed at Reuters.

If no longer listed above then click on link below to Yahoo News release of JFK Airport Parking Facility and Its Customer Loyalty JFK Parking Program.


iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SmartPhones and their compatibility with SmartPark JFK Parking App and website

July 31, 2012

NEW YORK – The upcoming  iPhone, iPhone 5, that is, is looking to be more of the same. Uninspired, old design. Very much the same as the original iPhone, which came out what seems like 20 years ago. Apple will always have its “fan base” but it will stagger growth-wise. This is the first time Apple will face that problem. One could argue that if they released to all carriers years ago then their market share would be almost untouchable. Or at least wouldn’t diminish in less than 2 years time. Android is off and running and not looking back. No issues are projected for iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 compatibility on SmartPark JFK parking app.

iPhone sales has slowed, if not for FINALLY going to more than one carrier. The numbers would have been much worse. Part of the problem is that the competitors phones are the same, and if not the same, then close enough. And in some cases better, bigger and faster. The iPhone looking, visually like “old tech”.

Apple has become the world’s most valuable company quite simply because of the iPhone. It accounts for more than half of the company’s revenue. iPhone sales are still growing, but the question of how fast they’re growing is of keen interest to investors.

The iPhone still has a window to grow, but will it and how much. Only so much of the pie to go around. It only account for 15-17% of smart phones sold last quarter. A far cry from when it was the ONLY smartphone.

Let’s be realistic. The iPhone 4s should not have been released. Siri was not ready, although it was touted as a great feature, only to fall on its face and have Apple come back with, “it was in beta” – Come on, man!

Delta Fliers paid too much for fares, SmartPark JFK offers Frequent Parker Program to help out

May 18, 2012

A hiccup at Delta caused overcharging of fare to Delta customers out of JFK airport. A computer glitch meant that some frequent fliers overpaid for flights. Delta is well aware of this and has acknowledged it. A Delta spokesperson said frequent fliers in some cases received higher fares. According to the source the problem has been rectified and Delta has apologized to frequent flier travelers. The total amount of JFK travelers affected is not known.

SmartPark JFK recently launched its very own JFK Loyalty program for JFK travelers. The SmartPark JFK “Confirm To Earn” Frequent Parker Program is unique in that it automatically accumulates points for its customers. No need to sign up or register – they are giving free days away. All you have to do is choose them over and over again and you should always have free days waiting for you.

Can Flying Among Obese Passengers Pose a Safety Issue?

May 10, 2012

I frequently fly out of JFK airport at least twice a month on business. Lately there has been some buzz about the safety of heavy passengers on planes. As a frequent flyer, I already know just by observing people walking around JFK airport that the majority of travelers I see do tend to be overweight. Although I am not an overweight person, I’m not prejudiced against those who are. We all probably have someone close to us with a weight problem. We want all of our loved ones to be safe when in flight no matter what their size.

Even though weight gain in America has been a hot button topic for years it doesn’t seem to be going away. With that being said, the airline industry needs to adjust and accommodate. What I’m most concerned about is the safety of planes and can they handle the increasing average weights of American men and women. Are these seats that were designed over 30 years ago able to safely hold someone of a larger size? If there is an accident will someone of a larger size be restrained properly as to not hurt anyone else on the plane? Are they wearing the seatbelts? As the old saying goes, “a body in motion stays in motion.” Unfortunately, there are no concrete answers to these questions.

Currently there are no mandated regulations in regards to testing whether or not the current seats on planes are safe for heavy passengers and those around them. The airline industry is still using the same technology and design of the planes from over 40 years ago.  It is a well-known fact that 1/3 of the population in America is obese. Many obese passengers do not wear their seatbelts because of issues with comfort. With many people traveling with small children every day, FAA laws and standards need to be updated. Everyone whether obese, thin, short or tall, needs to be protected. This is not just a safety issue for a larger person. This is a safety issue for everyone on board a plane.

Several things need to happen here. New larger crash  dummies need to be created in order to test in flight safety for all passengers. Originally seats were designed to hold the average weight of 170 pounds. Now the average weight has gone up to 194 pounds for a man and 165 pounds for a woman. When times change and people evolve then the airline industry needs to follow suit.  The FAA should mandate more tests and studies. There needs to be more education about the safety of all passengers.

Famed Tattoo Artist and Reality Star Ami James finds peace in flying to Katmandu, Nepal.

May 9, 2012

Well renowned Tattoo Artist and Reality TV Star Ami James admitted to the NY times in an article recently that flying is not his favorite thing to do. Despite his fear of flying, Ami James still enjoys going to some of the most exotic destinations all over the world. With a grueling flight schedule of every four days, he tries to overcome his fear as best he can. Often traveling between New York and Miami, Ami James is no stranger to international travel. He has been to Israel, Costa Rica, Nepal and more. Katmandu, Nepal is one of his favorite travel destinations and has labeled it “magical.” There’s no better way relax on a flight than knowing that your destination is famous for peaceful Buddhist temples and tranquility. Luckily, New Yorkers can conveniently fly from JFK Airport to Katmandu. If you just got inspiration to travel, you can conveniently park your car SmartPark JFK and get on the next flight to Katmandu or any other exotic destination from JFK Airport.

My view from SmartPark JFK of the Enterprise Shuttle landing at JFK Airport

April 27, 2012

I watched from my SmartPark JFK Shuttle when the space shuttle Enterprise was landing in New York’s JFK International Airport.

Watched it for a while. I believe it was a two hour circling of the tristate area. Touched down just before 11:30 a.m.

See my pics below

Many of us were gathered on the parking lots grounds of SmartPark JFK’s Airport parking facility. It was a great place to view it being that we were so close to JFK Airport for our departure.


All JFK Enterprise Shuttle images uploaded to the web with my new iPad. The same iPad that I placed my SmartPark JFK Airport parking reservation with using the SmartPark JFK iPhone / iPad JFK parking app

I choose SmartPark JFK because they give me free days with their JFK Parking Customer Loyalty Program

April 24, 2012

A little diddy… about SmartPark JFK…

First off, I parked at USave and they parked my car on the street and I got a parking ticket in the mail. Don’t use them. You actually do not save. Cost me $100 for street parking ticket. They didn’t even tell me.

I live and work on Long Island. Since my business requires me to travel throughout the country and overseas on a regular basis, I frequently fly out of JFK Airport along with many of my colleagues. Hiring a limo or taxi service can be costly, so I needed to find a way for my company to reduce its travel expenses. After doing our research, we found SmartPark JFK. Our company has been making many efforts towards going green in conjunction with saving money, so my colleagues and I carpool to SmartPark JFK for all of our trips out of JFK Airport. SmartPark JFK’s services are very efficient and there is virtually no wait time for shuttles to the airport. Shuttle service is free. I get to the airport on time, every time I use SmartPark JFK.

SmartPark JFK has the best JFK parking rates around. They are less expensive than parking at JFK Airport and faster. They are just 1.5 miles from the airport. We utilize the “Confirm to Earn” Frequent Parker Rewards Program which helps us receive free parking days. It’s simple and fast. All we have to do is book our reservation online and there are no hidden sign-up fees. It’s completely free. I earn 1 point for each paid park day. After every 7 days of paid parking, I earn a free park day. I can access my account at any time to check my free days earned and redeem them. I can make parking reservation changes online as well. I easily log in from any computer, mobile device or tablet. When you get to SmartPark JFK, just simply show the attendant your reservation right from your smartphone. No need to print and waste paper. Another great way to keep green!

Since going green is so important to our company, we will continue to use SmartPark JFK for all of our parking needs because they support green efforts as well. They conduct business every day with environmentally sound operations in mind and use fuel efficient shuttle vehicles. With all the new technology today, going green has become increasingly easier to achieve. It is the smartest choice for any business to make.

There are major benefits to utilizing companies that responsibly manage their business in an environmentally sound way. We can start to pave the way for living with cleaner air and a better earth. Going green in the long run saves money for both businesses and consumers. This is why our company is excited about the launch of the new Boeing 737 Max Airplane set for flights starting in 2017. We will be booking our seats on any airline that will offer flights out of JFK Airport using the new Boeing 737 Max. Airlines such as Southwest and American have already placed their orders for the new Boeing 737 Max. Some of the best features about the new Boeing 737 Max are larger engines for improved fuel efficiency and a redesigned tail cone for better air flow. The Boeing 737 Max will require less fuel use overall. Airlines that will use the Boeing 737 Max for flights will be saving money on fuel costs. These fuel cost savings will in turn be passed along to the consumer. It’s a victory for the environment, the airlines and the passengers.

Flying out of JFK Airport via SmartPark JFK is truly that….Smart. It’s green, less expensive than parking at JFK airport and a shuttle vehicle back to Smartpark JFK will be waiting for you at the airport when you return from your trip.  SmartPark JFK gives me  worry-free JFK Parking all while keeping  costs down and the environment in mind.